HyperFunding Can Solve Your Letter of Protection Medical Lien Cash Flow Challenges

The difficulty with a medical lien or letter of protection is that it often takes years for you to be paid, and assuming it does pay, you will frequently be asked by the attorney representing your patient to take much less than you billed due to the legal case resulting in an unsatisfactory settlement or even a defense verdict.

HyperFunding Medical Receivables Solutions is the answer to your cash management challenges. We will custom design a solution for your portfolio of legacy letter of protection (LOP) medical lien receivables.

No two portfolios are alike, so why settle for an off the shelf solution? We purchase liens from a full spectrum of facilities and providers who treat personal injuries, such as ASCs, Pain Management, Diagnostic Imaging, Physical Therapy, TBI Care, Orthopedics, Spine Surgeons and many more.

Our entire organization is committed to provide medical facilities and providers the optimum solutions based on their specific circumstances – whether it’s to cover their overhead or expand their organization.

— J. Douglas Mears – President, HyperFunding

Letter of Protection Challenges

Letter of Protection Medical Liens add up quickly
Personal injury medical liens often accumulate quickly to become an eyesore on your financial statements due to either non-payment or slow and partial payments.

The staff required to manage these liens can get very expensive. You need someone to track each case by frequently following up with the attorneys who represent your patients to make sure you are paid if and when the legal case eventually settles.

Unfortunately when your patient’s legal case is lost due to a defense verdict, you will receive nothing.

Don’t miss out on the payments due to you!
Sadly, we frequently review personal injury portfolios where the legal matter settled long ago, only to learn that the provider was not informed of the legal case settlement and received no payment on their letter of protection.

Now the medical provider is faced with having to take legal action against the attorney who represented their patient (or their patient directly) to try to recover the payment they are rightfully due.

Don’t let your practice suffer from unpaid liens – align with HyperFunding to maximize your financial position.

How We Add Value

At HyperFunding, we are a veteran group of professionals with years of experience in working with personal injury attorneys at the end of their cases. Our recovery rates are some of the highest in the industry and we do so while ALWAYS protecting your important relationship with your patient’s attorney.

Improve Cash Flow
By working with HyperFunding Medical Receivables Solutions you will receive a fair purchase price quickly for your aging medical lien portfolio! Why wait?

Reduce your overhead
Our team of professionals will help reduce your administrative collections costs so you can focus your attention on other matters.

We are easy to work with
Give us a call and we can talk you through our data collection and review processes, so we can formulate the best solution for you and your organization.

Fast efficient underwriting
Once we have the data associated with your portfolio, our underwriters will efficiently review and develop an optimal financial structure for you.

We are well funded and can wait
We understand that personal injury cases often take years to settle. We do not pressure attorneys to settle quickly as we have no role in the legal matter. Our job is heightened at the end of the legal case when the proceeds from the legal matter are being distributed.

We have purchased medical receivables on cases managed by many of the top personal injury law firms throughout the country and are often contacted by them for medical referrals. We can possibly introduce you to some law firms who may be new to your organization.